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What does Learn HCQ provide?

  • Accurate, factual and up-to-date healthcare quality study materials based on CPHQ exam content outline.

  • CPHQ exam content outline based questions to practise and improve your analytical thinking ability.

  • Understanding quality concepts through well-selected examples and illustrations.

  • Individual specific support for those preparing for the CPHQ exam.

  • Learn HCQ will enrich your knowledge and develop your skills in healthcare quality and thus better your chances in receiving a good score in the CPHQ exam.


Note: Passing of CPHQ exam will also depend upon your experience in healthcare quality, knowledge level (up to date information), thinking ability (applicability) and the interest to learn more. 


Accurate, factual and up-to-date information

Organisation and Clarity 

The content is arranged in a well-organised and clear manner  such that the quality concepts are readily understood

Skill Development

We focus on the applicability of each concept in real-world scenarios


Interest is the key to success. Our content is designed with numerous examples and illustrations which will stimulate your interest to learn more.

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"All improvement will require change, but not all change will result in improvement!”

- Institute for Healthcare Improvement