Embossed Paper

Our Pricing

70 USD


  • Timed Exam - 180 minutes

  • Total of 140 questions out of which 125 scored questions

  • Segregated Scores given via email as a report within 24 hours

  • Take the exam when it is convenient for you

  • Get the link on you email within 24 hours of payment

  • Understand your readiness for the CPHQ exam

  • Only one attempt  allowed

180 USD

CPHQ Practice tests

  • More than 1400 questions

  • All with rationale and additional external links to educational videos and links.

  • Divided into Quiz

  • Can be accessed via Google classroom

  • Accessible via Phones, Tablets or PC

  • You will have access for 3 months.

230 USD

CPHQ Mock exam and Practice tests 

  • Accessible to 1400 practice tests and One CPHQ Mock exam at your convenience time

  • More Economical than taking Individual CPHQ Mock Exam

  • You will have access for 3 months

550 USD


  • 3 Month access, with every Sunday online class

  • Will have One Mock Exam to access your readiness before the exam

  • Access to all our practice tests

  • Unlimited support from CPHQ staff for your queries

  • Proper guidance for the CPHQ Exam

  •  Can clarify all your doubts with a CPHQ